Hanten _ a workman's livery coat as a symbol of the Edo period artisans.
The shop name and logomark are arranged in back and collar,and design of waist means the occupational category.
Aesthetics of subtraction that intention is transmitted by minimum requirement.
Traditional way to dye has peculier goodness.

Touzan _ Japanese cotton cloth for Kimono made in Kawagoe (Saitama Prefecture).
The citizens who lived in Edo loved this cotton with good touch.
And Vertical stripes and the lattice were the fashions at that time.

Tenugui _ cotton cloth for hand towel , headgear , decoration, and so on. It has a wide usage.
We have classics and a modern design.

Noren _ Japanese curtain for sunshade and windbreak with shop name and logomark.
It is used as a decoration or sunshade in the house now.

Gassai_bukuro _ A bag to put in anything.
Some cloth (that remained when kimono was made) are not wasted.
And they used it effectively as a bag. The citizens in Edo period had such an idea.
As for each bag,it is changed a combination of the front cloth and the back cloth.

Totebag _ The bag of modern shape was made by using the cloth dyed in traditional way.
You will rediscover goodness and the power of classics.